Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Manikan - Noche Buena

Manikan – Noche Buena
Release Date: 6/28/11

1. Manikan – Noche Buena (Original Mix)
2. Manikan – Indigo (Original Mix)
3. Manikan – Bamboo Meltdown (Original Mix)
4. Manikan – Noche Buena (Distal Remix)
5. Manikan – Bamboo Meltdown (Dev79 Remix)

Manikan - Noche Buena EP by Party Guy Records

The fourth release from Party Guy Records comes from Atlanta’s Mitch Brown a.k.a. MANIKAN.  Manikan is a DJ / Producer / Promoter who is bringing a breathe of fresh air to the dance floor. Originally from the west coast, he has managed in the last two years to make moves in the dirty south with his high energy sets. When MANIKAN isn’t behind the decks, he is spreading the word about upcoming Gold Sweat ATL events or grinding out tracks in the studio.
Manikan’s debut EP on Party Guy Records, entitled Noche Buena, starts off with the title track; a fierce hybrid of stomping Chicago House kick drums rhythms layered with a raw, bouncing bassline and marching snare hits. Old school diva vocals drive the track and tie it all together in what is sure to be a summer anthem.  “Indigo” follows, and brings a much tougher, thuggier vibe to the EP.  Quick piano stabs, mixed in with white noise bursts, backed up with a punishing drum kit give this tune a big room sound. Next up is “Bamboo Meltdown” which one could liken to Canblaster or Brenmar, with its bouncing, steppy drumwork and catchy synth line. The sparse haunting R&B vocals and tribal percussion paint a dark atmosphere, that is sure to light up any club.  Distal’s remix of “Noche Buena” gets LOW.  Rocking sub bass coupled with lighting fast high hats give this remix the ATL treatment it deserves. Back once again with Party Guy Records is Dev79 with a sound like none other. Dev79’s remix is a melting pot of styles, encompassing glitched out beats with wonky bass slides all under one tropical rhythm.

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