Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bardeenz Picks

Hey party people . Here's a few tunes for your head piece . Urchins, Grown Folk, Botnek, Fagget Fairys, and Bardeenz!

Xylophobe (Original Mix) by urchins
Cool track by Urchins . Some nice easy listening .

Whispers (Original Mix) by urchins
The other side of the coin off their Xylophobe EP . Definitely higher energy than the title track .

Grown Folk - Droptop EP - Silverback Recordings (SIL007) by Grown Folk
PGR buddy Kid Aloha [aka Drew Kim] is half of the Montreal duo Grown Folk . They did a mix for Truancy Blog that totally floored me . After listening to Club Electro/Progressive by the truckload this kind of sound is necessary for me to keep from blowing my brains out .

"Panama Bass" played by Annie Mac on BBC R1 by BOTNEK
Oh Botnek... I am so infinitely jelly of thee . Barring any fallout between the two members; we can be rest assured that these guys will do big things for a long time to come . 

Turkish Delight by Palms Out Sounds
New EP from the oddly named Fagget Fairys . Love all the subtle percussion and effects later in the track .

Mike Hindle - Bum Bum Monkey Circus [Bardeenz Remix] Out Soon on THaF Records by Bardeenz
Nothing to see here folks just a shameless plug... move along... move along... JK .

Too lazy to find music? I'll find it for you . PEACE! 

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